Hull Blyth Araouzos Ltd

Quality Policy

The primary objective of Hull Blyth Araouzos Ltd is to:
  • Provide systematically upgraded services which reflect the changing trends of a world market and satisfy the current needs & expectations of clients.
  • Continue being viewed as pioneer in the Cyprus Market in the areas of Shipping, International Transportation, Tourism and Representation of P & I Clubs.
Recognizing competence, reliability and service quality to be the means of achieving continuous customer satisfaction and retention, the Management of Hull Blyth Araouzos Ltd has formed a plan for continuously improving quality of service offering, based on investigation, measurement, analysis and evaluation.  Furthermore, both the Management and personnel are committed to the successful implementation of this plan, which includes:
  1. Selection of suitable personnel for the execution of productive processes, on the basis of capability, experience and education.  Regular evaluation of their performance and provision of necessary training in order to improve their skills and work performance.
  2. A suitable work environment which can satisfy the needs of personnel and enhance their productivity and performance, as well as enhance Health & Safety.
  3. Utilization of suitable technological and other equipment for performing work safely and in the most effective way.
  4. Continuous improvement of work methods, processes, procedures and means employed, along with communication channels, both internally and externally, in order to improve the effectiveness of work outcome.
  5. Establishment of quality objectives & performance indexes.  Regular monitoring and evaluation of their achievement, as means of improvement.
  6. Application of Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 specifications.
  7. Maintaining regular contact with clientele and personable service offering.
  8. Compliance to all applicable legislation & regulations, including occupational Health & Safety.
Based on our long experience, strong professionalism and capacity for success, we look forward to continue enjoying a firm business growth.  Most importantly, we look forward to satisfying the needs and expectations of each and every client, on every dealing with our Company, so that Hull Blyth Araouzos Ltd is the obvious choice in their mind.